Birthday Party Packages

Full Face - Face Painting Package

As a child's imagination and thoughts change, so can their face, again and again, over and over, with FDA approved face paints. There is nothing better than seeing a child’s face light up when they transform into a vicious tiger or whimsical butterfly. 

Prices starting at...

  • 1 hour - $100 for 10 Guests
  • 1.5 hours - $150 for 15 Guests
  • 2 hours - $200 for 20 Guests  


Creative Lime can make your vision a reality. With your ideas and our experience we can put together a tailor made Super Lime occasion especially for you. Adding a magical touch, with a creative, funky flair of fun. 

Pricing starting at...

  • 1 hour - $125 

Face Painting and Balloon Animal Package

Full transformative Face Painting and fun balloon creations. 

Pricing starting at...

  • 1.5 hours - $150 for 10 Guests 
  • 2.15 hours - $ 225 for 15 Guests

Fun Glitter LIME Package

Sparkling Face Painting, Glitter Tattoos & Magic Glitter stone bags.      

Prices starting at...

  • 1.5 hours - $170 for 10 Guests 
  • 2.15 hours - $250 for 15 Guests

Mini Masks - Face Painting Package 

A smaller alternative to full face painting. Mini Masks highlight around the eyes. Guests can transform into Super Heros, Mystical Fairies, Pretty Princesses or glamourous beauty queens. A great way to accommodate more guests in a shorter time frame. 

Pricing starting at...

  • 1.15 hours - $125 for 15 Guests 
  • 2.15 hours - $225 for 25 Guests  

Airbrush Tattoo Package 

100's of tattoo design choices - something for everyone at the occasion. This service is ideal for large groups or add with another package. 

Pricing starting at...

  • 1 hour - $125 for 20-25 Guests 
  • 2 hours - $200 for 40-50 Guests

Please go to our contact page for further information, Creative LIME would be happy to complete a specialized job quote to meet your needs.

Add ons for Birthday Parties

If one Creative LIME artist is at your event, add ons may take place at the end. Or you can add an additional artist to lead add ons through out the event.  Games and activities may include, 

Interactive Games

  • Parachute Games – Active, fun, movement, working as a team, colors, age appropriate and creative play are all part of parachute games with Creative Lime.   
  • Magic Crystal – A fun and creative group game, lead within a circle. All participants will get a chance to hold and hide the Magic Crystal from the magical detectives. 
  • Relay Races – Run, jump, hop, laugh, cheer; all wrapped up with some teamwork. Designed with the participants needs in mind and atmosphere on the day. 
  • Hot Potato – Active, fun, movement in our version participants use a balloon to pass back and forth until the music stops. 
  • Musical spots – Forget the chairs and grab a colourful spot and listen in. 

Unique Party Experience

  •  Mini Cotton Candy Machine - Create fluffy fun candy floss on a mini table top candy machine.
  • Bubble Machine - Add a magical touch by having beautiful bubbles floating all around at your occasion, while participants chase and play with them. 
  • Custom 1" Buttons - Create your own handmade, custom button by colouring in a designed art work tailored to your occasion or have the freedom to create your own. 
  • Custom Button Packaging 3 – 1” Buttons - Excellent mementoes for any occasion; party favors, team support, school spirit, rewards, fundraisers and more. Designed, printed and packaged.

Creative Play 

  • Story Time – Participants come together to engage and participate in a story time filled with puppets, songs, movement, and a magical fun filled story. 
  • Puppet Play – With a variety of creative puppet to choose from dramatic magical stories begin. 
  • Funky Fun Sand – Explore through fine soft sand by scooping, dumping, stirring and filling. Creative group play that focus on fine motor skills and concepts related to volume, size, color and measurement.
  • Songs – Slippery Fish, Hello Everybody, Higgledy Piggledy Bumble Bee, Open Shut them, Shake My sillies out, Tommy Thumb Up, Baby Bumble Bee, Sleeping Bunnies; just to list a few creative songs. 
  • Fort Building – By using building sticks and connecting balls, participants can be creative within the process of building.    
  • Beading – Pony beads are always a fun and transformative craft. 
  • Arts and Crafts - Depending on occasion art projects can be designed for your needs. Finding out details like budget, timeframe, space, participant’s age range will help determine project and price.   
  • Dancing Ribbons – Creative movement explored with beautiful colored ribbons flying through the air, participants can explore the dancing ribbons within their own time throughout the occasion. 

    Package Pricing applies - elements that can alter pricing are number of guests and services chosen. For more details please request a job quote and fill out a form on our contact page. Thank you!  

Creative LIME is always looking at ways to better service customers and create unforgettable experiences for children. If you are looking for a specialized add on please contact Creative LIME.