Q: Why hire a professional painter?

A: You always have the option of hiring an inexpensive, hobby or volunteer painter, but in doing so you are not guaranteed the quality and safety that comes from a professional painter. As professionals, we are able to paint precisely at a much quicker pace than a less experienced individual. This will benefit you in regards to getting the most for your money and assuring that all of your guests are happy. We also guarantee the use high quality FDA approved face paints to ensure the safety of your guest's skin.

Q: What types of designs can I expect during our party time?

A: Anything you want! We can recreate a previous sample or do something completely new and unique. It is entirely up to the guest and their preference. If the guest chooses to not have their full face painted we can do a smaller design on their cheek or arm.

Q: How far in advance do I need to make my reservation?

A: It’s never too early to book your event! Don’t wait too long; weekends book fast especially around holidays. You should book your event as soon as you have confirmed your date and time to ensure it is available.

Q: What do I need to provide for the face painter?

A: There are few different things that the client can provide in order to make the event a success. If your party is inside an area with plenty of space and good lighting is key. If it is outdoors a shaded area is best; however if that is not an option somewhere out of direct sunlight is key. In either location adult supervision is strongly recommended in order to keep the line moving and to help with a conflict should one arise.

Q: Will my child be able to sleep with the face paints?

A: Our FDA approved face paints are water based and not in any way permanent. While a child may wear the design to bed, by the time morning comes there will be more paint on the pillow than on their face. It is always best to wash your child’s face before bed. If a water activity is planned as part of the party the children may want to consider glitter tattoos, as they are more resistant.

Q: How old does my child have to be to get face painted?

A: Creative Lime’s tag ART FOR ALL means simply that! We will paint anyone who is wiling. All we ask is that your child wants to be painted and has the patience and ability to remain still for duration of the design. We will NOT paint any child who has been forced to sit still. As a rule of thumb most children under the age of 3 do not sit well for face painting so you may wish to consider a small design on the arm or hand.

Q: Will you consider donating your services for our fundraising event or charity?

A: As much as we would love to supply our service for all charitable events, we are still running a business and have to pay for our own expenses. However, Creative Lime can offer discounts for charitable events. Please contact us for more information.

Q: What Balloons Do You Use? 

A: Creative LIME uses professional Qualatex twisting balloons, which are 100% latex. We want to keep a safe atmosphere for children, please be aware of the choking hazard balloons pose! Safety first, inflated or not balloons should not go in anyone’s mouth. 

Q: Are Your Services Only For Kids? 

A: No not at all! While the majority of my bookings are for kids, I often have people of all ages getting into line, and have even been asked about adult-only parties! That why Creative Lime is “Art for All”

Q: How Can I Book You? 

A: You can fill out a form on our contact page on Creative LIME's website, call 604.716.2337, or email Jenna@creativelime.ca

Q: How Do I Know My Booking Is Confirmed? 

A: Once you've decided you'd like to book your event, I'll ask you some questions and put together a service agreement form, which will be emailed to you. I will need a signed copy of the Service Agreement sent back to me along with the discussed deposit to hold your date and time. Once I receive those, you are confirmed. 

Q: What If We Want More Than 1 Artist? 

A: I am my only face painter, but I do have glitter and airbrush tattoo artists if you are looking for more than one artist. And artists who are trained with leading games and activities with children.

Q: What About Breaks?  

A: For events 2 hours or less in duration no breaks are required. For events over 4 hours one 10-minute break will be taken and included in the pre determined event fee. 

Q: Cancelations or postponements? 

A: In the case of postponement, Creative Lime will work with you to accommodate an alternate date; however, due to other bookings and commitments, availability may be limited. If the cancellation is made 3 weeks (21 days or more) in advance of the event the agreed deposit will be returned in full less a 10% service fee, for cancellations within 3 weeks (less than 21 days) the deposit is non-refundable. Why? Because once we are confirmed, I am committed to being at your event and will turn down other inquiries for that time. Within 3 weeks it's often impossible to fill that spot again. In terms of weather – for outdoor events have an alternate venue in mind in case of poor weather. Refunds are not issued due to weather. During the outdoor season, I will ask if you have rain plan in place. If your event is outdoors, I will require a sheltered area, regardless of weather. I do have a 10x10 tent at an additional charge if you are unable to provide a sheltered area. 

Q: What About Parking? 

A: If possible a space in front of the house on the street or in the driveway would be greatly appreciated. I have a lot of equipment so every little bit helps! 

Q: If I am expecting a lot of children, but only want to book an artist for a limited time, can you do some quick designs? 

A: When you hire Creative Lime, you deserve professional-level results. Creative Lime always puts forth the best effort and won’t compromise our reputation by doing fast, sloppy work. That being said, we can offer you a range of designs that are quick but still have impact. Along with smaller designs we offer a wide range of glitter tattoos and airbrush tattoos that are less time consuming but still offer great impact and results.

Q: Do you paint just the children at parties, or do you also paint the adults? 

A: I’ll paint whomever wishes to be painted! “Art For All” is our slogan and we stand by it. Some clients have me paint everyone while some have me just paint the children. It ultimately depends on how much you are willing to spend; the more people, the more time it will take. It is always best to discuss this issue ahead of time.

Q: How do I know how many entertainers to have at my event or how long the entertainer(s) should stay?

A: This question can be solved when inquiring with Creative Lime prior to booking your party. We collect as much information about your event as possible in order to make the proper judgment. Our job is to make sure that your entertainment works without a hitch and that guests are accommodated in the time provided.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: The rate for Creative Lime’s services is based upon the package selected, the amount of time booked, the number of guests expected to attend the event, in what city the event is hosted and when the event is scheduled. The cost for our services always includes all supplies, smiles and Art For All!

Q: I talked to another company and they are cheaper than you. Will you match their price?

A: Creative Lime does not have a price match guarantee policy. Why? As with anything else, you get what you pay for! If you opt for the cheaper route, it is more than likely that you will receive cheaper quality entertainment. At Creative Lime, we stand by the quality of the services we provide.

Q: When will Creative LIME arrive for an occasion?

A: Creative LIME strives to be early and set up on time to begin artistic time at the designated time. General you can expect 15 minutes earlier for birthday parties and 20-30 minutes earlier for large events.